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Walken Resins & Coatings is established to serve decorative and industrial surface coatings’ market in India and overseas. The manufacturing facility is based at SIDCO Industrial Estate at Kollam in the state of Kerala. We give priority to quality and each batch is tested before it is packed and delivered. We are equipped with sophisticated machinery and testing equipment. Our Product Manager has over 30 years of experience in the field and is supported by experienced technical staff. We have products for all kinds of surfaces for a better finish for your house such as primers, enamels, wall coatings, floor coatings, roof tile coatings. Our wide range of products for industries is unique in quality, color, giving a wider coverage and long-lasting finish.

We specialize in CNSL based surface coatings for wood and metal surfaces. CNSL based coatings are reported to have anti-rusting, anti-corrosive, termiticidal and antimicrobial, antifouling properties, and withstanding high temperatures. We strive towards excellence in quality and ease on the wallet.

Walken Products

  • Wall paints

    Walken wall paints are made out of high quality acrylic resins which has great coverage, adhesion and outstanding durability and weatharability. We have the following products.

    KAVACA – Exterior emulsion in gloss and matt finish

    ANTARA – Interior emulsion

    AZRAYA – Emulsion primer

    Wall paints are supplied in 4L, 10L and 20L.

  • Enamels

    We have two types of products based on the resins used. The dark colored enamels are made out of CNSL resins and light coloured enamels from alkyd resins. These enamels have excellent coverage, gloss and resistant to stain and wear. It provides a hard coat and can be easily cleaned. The products are below.

    ZYAMA – Black enamel from CNSL resins.

    VARNA – Colour enamels from Alkyd resins/CNSL resins.

    Enamels are supplied in 4L and 20L.

  • Wood coatings

    The base for our wood coatings is predominantly CNSL resins. The products are:

    MUDRA – Dark shade protective coating from CNSL resin, This is a superior product compared to normal wood varnish due to the antimicrobial and termiticidal properties of CNSL. This has excellent adhesion and gloss and is also resistant to water, acid and alkali solutions. Mudra is used on cane and wood furniture, brick and rock work, wood structures exposed to seashores and also for the preservation of wood structures.

    TRASA – This is a similar product as Mudra but with a light shade. The application and properties are also similar.

    HIRANYA – Clear protective coating is made from high quality Alkyd resins. It has excellent penetration and gloss and is resistant to water, acid and alkali. Application of this product is on cane and wood furniture, brick and rock work.

    Wood coatings are supplied in 4L, 20L and 25L.

  • Metal primer

    The redoxide primer is made from CSNL resins which can be applied to any metal structures as a base coat that provides excellent coverage and protects the surface against rust and corrosion.

    LOHA – Redoxide primer

    Metal primer is supplied in 4L and 20L.

  • Floor Coatings

    Our floor coating is based on high quality acrylic resins. This reddish colour coating provides excellent protection and aesthetic look for concrete floorings. Ideal for warehouse floors and other buildings.

    BHAUMA – Red coloured floor coating.

    Floor coatings are supplied in 4L, 10L and 20L.

  • Terrace coating

    Water leak proof coating made from CNSL resins act as a protective coat for concrete roofing. Water resistant properties of CNSL resins are utilized in this product and can be applied on any concrete roof to prevent water seepage and a good finish.

    KATANA – Reddish brown coating for water leak proof.

    Packed in 4L, 20L and 25L.

  • Roof tile coating

    Protective and decorative coating for roof tiles. It is based on acrylic resins. In addition to the aesthetic look it provides great protection for roof tiles.

    CHADA – Red coloured protective tile coating.

    Supplied in 4L, 10L and 20L.

  • Resins

    CNSL (Cashew nut shell liquid) Resin 100% solids: We supply 100% solid resins in 50Kg bags which is applicable in making wnood/metal primers, dark colored enamels and also varnishes.

    CNSL Resin 80% solids: Thick reddish brown liquid supplied in 200Kg metal drums which is applicable in making wood/metal primers, dark colored enamels and also varnishes.

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